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Atventure | Target Rep Group

Since 1962, delivering on their promise of “Expect More, Pay Less” Target has grown from a single store in Roseville, Minnesota, to 1800 multi-formatted stores across the country, and a robust growing omni channel business. Target business is as strong as it ever has been and is well positioned for continued future growth.

The team at Atventure has worked very successfully with Target for 25 plus years, working with a variety of manufacturers in many categories and brands, building sustainable and profitable retail programs.  As a premier rep group for Target, we excel at launching new brands and products at Target, as well as helping existing manufacturer’s identify new opportunities and categories for growth.

Whether you are looking for a Target sales rep, manufacturer’s rep group, or simply a Target retail expert, we’d love to learn more about your business and discuss how we can help.

What Our Vendors Say We Do

We Bring Newness and Innovation to Target

  • Identifying white space opportunities
  • Understanding guest/consumer needs and desires and hitting trends at the right time

We Drive Growth and Profitability

  • Understanding all the factors influencing profitability, such as costing, product mix, supply chain efficiencies, and flawlessly executing to avoid chargebacks.

We Level the Playing Field

  • Providing and and all tools necessary to earn the business
  • Guiding negotiations. 25 years of experience on both the retail and manufacturing side of the business provides invaluable insight into knowing when to compromise and when to hold the line.

We Provide Visibility and Access

  • Visibility to Target corporate goals and initiatives and policy changes affecting negotiations and profitability
  • Access to the right people with whom to be conducting business and making key decisions

We Remove Risk

  • Having a “boots on the ground” local team of experts provides the best continuity and consistency for the long-term strategic growth

We Provide Creative Solutions

  • Team strategy meetings provide creative ideas for pushing business forwards and overcoming potential hurdles
  • If a challenge arises anywhere in the product live cycle, we always have a variety of potential inside and “outside” the box solutions available.

We Provide Flawless Execution

  • From item creation through the entire lifecycle of a program, (post-audits), we carefully document and manage all the details
  • Surveys and focus groups.

We Provide a Manufacturer Specific Approach to:

  • Product Development & Sales
  • Insights
  • Analytics & Forecasting
  • Vendor & Item Management
  • Target Marketing & Promotions
  • Vendor Income
  • Omni-Channel strategy, set up and support