• A blue teddy bear next to some folded towels.


  • A group of backpacks and poles sitting in the grass.

    Sporting Goods

  • A pair of headphones sitting on top of a couch.


  • A pair of shoes, belt and sunglasses are laid out on the floor.


  • A notebook and some sticky notes on top of a table.


  • A backpack with a map on it sitting in front of a window.


  • A living room with two pictures on the wall


  • Two cups of coffee on a plate with silverware.


Product Development & Sales

  • Account management and leadership.
  • Assortment planning and alignment.
  • White space opportunities.
  • Competitive landscape tracking.
  • Consumer insights.
  • Trend analysis.

Analytics & Forecasting

  • Customized metric pulls – sales and inventory reporting.
  • Ladders and seasonal forecasting.
  • Promotional recaps.
  • Ad hoc data pulls.
  • PO management.
  • Collaborative retail planning including JBP.
  • Segmentation analysis.


  • 360 digital promotion recommendations.
  • Online only assortment management.
  • Online only assortment analysis.
  • Review seeding coordination, expertise and tracking.
  • Competitive online landscape.

Vendor & Item Management

  • Business partner onboarding.
  • Vendor training.
  • Retailer systems expertise.
  • Item set up and maintenance expertise.
  • Sample management.
  • Vendor income and chargeback navigation.

Marketing & Promotions

  • General marketing and promotions strategy.
  • Marketing programs for new product launches.
  • Salesplan and ISM opportunities.


  • VI expertise and research.
  • Surveys and focus groups.