A manufacturer and retailer relationship can range from being simply transactional to having a deep, long-term partnership of aligning visions.
Our goal is to leverage every tool available to help clients maximize their business, no matter where the sale happens.

Atventure Retail Group was founded in 2013 and has grown every year we’ve been in business.  We’ve achieved this success by bringing together expertise in retail and excellence in manufacturing along with proven innovative, collaborative and forward-thinkers.  We are a premier Target rep group, as well as a proven Amazon agency partner.

Meet the Executive Team

Troy Peterson, Founder

With over 23 years of retail experience, Troy began his retail journey in 1994, when he accepted a position at Target as a Business Analyst.  During his 17 years at Target, in progressive merchandising and planning roles like Manager, Buyer and Sr. Buyer, he developed a passion for collaborating with manufacturers to develop the best possible products and presentation.

At Target, he had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of departments including Sporting Goods, Apparel, Electronics, Video Games, Home Improvement and Grocery.  This wide array of category experience helped provide a deep understanding of branding, licensing, private label, product development, packaging and new product launch marketing.

In 2010, Troy left Target to accept the role of DMM overseeing Electronics and Entertainment for Toys R Us, where he further honed his merchandising and leadership skills through overseeing the marketing for key exclusive branded launches, developing an entire line of private label electronics, and driving the digital business on toysrus.com.

Driven by his passion for product and presentation, along with his vast experience in all aspects of retail, in 2013, he left TRU and began a collaboration with local established Minneapolis manufacturer rep group called Toy N Around, led by Andy Weiner.  Combining Andy’s 40+ years of manufacturing/sales experience with Troy’s retail experience, together they created a new Target broker group called Atventure.

Andy Weiner, Executive Advisor

Andy started his career 40 years ago, when he joined the Milton Bradley Toy Company.  In his 5 years at Milton Bradley, he had the opportunity to develop a 360 view of product manufacturing and sales.

In 1983, he became a manufacturer representative, with a company that eventually became Toy N Around.  Over the last 30 years, his leadership of Toy N Around has resulted in long-term strategic partnerships for his vendors at Target in the Toy department.  Adhering to the principle of collaborating with the best companies, while adding value and driving solutions for his manufacturers and Target, has resulted in driving over $3B in retail sales.

When not engaged at work, his dedication to children goes beyond the Toy industry.  He has a long history of working the non-profit groups; Children’s Cancer Research Fund and Make a Wish Foundation.

Core Team

We believe our team is our secret sauce.  We are a collection of industry veterans, with over 100 years of combined retail & digital expertise in almost every category.

Emily Ailie
Senior Director of Sales

amazon agency minneapolis

Kevin Kleiman
Senior Director of Sales

Janis Volk
Director of Sales

Liz Peterson
Retail Advisor

Natasha O’Neal
Account Management

Garrett Savoie
Account Management

Cole Hermann
Account Management

Cori Smerdon
Account Management

Jarrod Wright
Account Management

Molly LaNou
Account Management

Matt Meloch
Account Management

Hannah Williams
Operations Manager

Our Strategic Location

 From our office in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, we are steps away from Target headquarters, but we also travel to Amazon & Menards on a regular basis.

In my years in the business, I have not seen a team more in tune with the retailer, manufacturer and market!  I could not be happier with them from start to finish in our business with Target, from competitive analysis to getting it out the door.  They make me better each day, week, month by being on top of things and keeping me informed on necessary timelines and communication!

Bill Leonard

VP Sales, Americas

Atventure is the ultimate manufacturer’s representative, and I would recommend them without hesitation.  Their commitment, professionalism, and attention to detail is exemplary.  The team is a pleasure to work with and has a unique combination of strategic thinking, technical prowess, and strong values.

Sara Irvani

CEO, Okabashi Brands

I have worked with sales representative organizations for over 28 years I can say that Atventure is one of the most professional and results oriented sales teams.  Atventure has a high caliber team that collaborates on strategy to ensure proper preparation of meetings are created and delivered and just as important, ensures that after business is awarded their clients understand the retailer’s requirements and processes to achieve metrics that create a sustainable business.   I have not seen a better team that identifies solutions to make the business more efficient.

Scott Shellhase

CEO, Bestway USA

Troy has put together an organization that is second to none when it comes to results.  Our main point person Kevin has expertly navigated both Amazon and Target with his knowledge, insight and counsel that has given our company great success in both worlds.  Their support teams go above and beyond in providing the necessary day to day attention on the details that follow.   Atventure delivers when it comes to results and I would highly recommend them.

Jim Parkhurst

CEO, Ladibugs